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Grants and Funding

The continuing development of age-related disease research, geriatric education programs and specialized geriatric care is due in part to competitive grant writing as well as individual and corporate donations.

Grants and Projects

Revenue sources include institutional support, endowment funds, private donations and grants from federal, state and local agencies and foundations.   These grants support research in clinical, educational and age-related disease research.  Please click on the following link to view grants and projects.

The Garrison Institute on Aging Research Projects

You Can Also Make A Difference!!

Support specialized teams of scientists to expand research in the detection, prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and cerebrovascular diseases and stroke. Support training programs for family caregivers. Support the growing population of seniors. Support community outreach efforts to educate seniors and aid prevention.


The Garrison Institute on Aging is deeply grateful to those who have remembered the Institute in their giving. Gifts from friends are vital for Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and the Institute. Your continued support provides additional avenues for success in research and program development. Your support and giving also provides tax advantages, which you will want to discuss with your legal and financial advisors.

Thank you for your contributions.