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Project FRONTIER and Public Health Journal Club


In collaboration with Public Health Department, School of Medicine Departments, and Texas Tech University - Garrison Institute on Aging (GIA) is starting a journal club titled "Rural & Community Health and Project Frontier."  The first meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 at 12pm to 1pm PM at ACB 240.  The title of the paper is ‘End-of-life planning in a rural elderly cohort’ and presenter – Dr. Alyce Ashcraft, School of Nursing.  An agenda for 2016 November - 2017 June will be prepared.  Multiple areas will be covered including, Public Health, Geriatircs, Aging, Alzheimer's Disease, Obesity/Diabetes, Stroke, Cancer, Asthma/Allergy, Cardiovascular Diseases.  


Journal Club Schedule

Date   Presenter Title
11/02/2016   Dr. Alyce Ashcraft End-of-life planning in a rural elderly cohort
12/07/2016   Dr. Hemachandra Reddy Cardiometabolic Risks and Severity of Obesity in Children and Young Adults
01/04/2017   Dr. Hemachandra Reddy What is Population Health?
The Importance of Place of Residence: Examining Health in Rural & Non-Rural Areas
02/01/2017   Dr. Hemachandra Reddy Neuropsychological Criteria for Mild Cognitive Impairment Improves Diagnostic Precision, Biomarker Associations and Progression Rates 
03/01/2017   Sarah Mende Depression among people with type 2 diabetes mellitus, US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2005-2012
04/05/2017   Alejandro Aquino Trends and Disparities in Coronary Heart Disease, stroke, and Other Cardiovascular Diseases in the United States; Findings of the National Conference on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
04/26/2017   Anthony Anya Weight Loss Predicts Progression of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease
05/03/2017   Dr. Hemachandra
Alzheimer's Disease: Prototype of Cognitive Deterioration, Valuable Lessons to Understand Human Cognition
07/05/2017   Annette Boles Clinical and Demographic Predictors of Conversion to Dementia in Mexican Elderly with Mild Cognitive Impairment