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Pradeepkiran Jangampalli Adi, Ph.D.


pradeep Name: Pradeepkiran Jangampalli Adi, Ph.D.
Title: Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Phone: 806.743.6143
Area of Work: Molecular drug discovery, genomics, proteomics
About: I received my Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Sri Venkateswara University.  I took a challenging research problem on "Identification and characterization of potential drug targets in Brucella genomes."  In my Ph.D. findings, I identified 12 potential drug targets, putative genes that are very specific to Brucella and are pathogenic.  Through the computational studies like molecular modeling, drug discovery, pharmacophore based virtual screening, genomic and proteomic analysis, I was investigated to find virulence factors involved in brucellosis, while finding out the best lead molecules to treat brucellosis.  Presently, I am working on Alzheimer's Disease hyper phosphorylated Tau interactions of neurons in AD pathogenesis and the molecular interactions of AD proteins and drug discovery of new lead inhibitors against AD and other neurological disorders.