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Health Professional Student Programs

Interdisciplinary education in geriatrics is a priority for the Garrison Institute on Aging. Since 2000, the GIA has developed innovative programs and new curriculum to teach the next generation of health care providers.

Geriatric Training Experiences & Curriculum Improvements

Edgar SalasThe GIA has a sound history of leading efforts to improve  the quality of instruction and student interest in geriatrics among the health disciplines of Health Professions, medicine, nursing and pharmacy at the Health Sciences Center. Initiatives have included sharing of new curricula among the four schools, hosting faculty development workshops to improve teaching methods and developing interdisciplinary student programs in aging. Click on the following links for more information on specific projects and other opportunities for students.

Student Scholars in Geriatrics Programs

The Student Scholars Program was established to develop a cadre of students from Health Professions, medicine, nursing and pharmacy who have a long-term commitment to advancing health care to older adults and are actively engaged in projects designed to improve the quality of health care for older adults.


Selection Criteria

Interested students must be in good academic standing in their school. Selection will be based on review of the attached application that includes a one-page essay describing the student’s interest in geriatrics and his/her intent to practice in geriatrics and/or desire to develop more knowledge related to geriatrics and interdisciplinary practice. The essay should also include a paragraph about how the time commitment to achieve the required activities will be met.

Essays will be reviewed by both a school representative and a representative from the Garrison Institute on Aging (GIA). The GIA representative will provide input about the decision to the school representative. The school representative will have final authority for student selections.