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To develop translational, multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to better understand the consequences of alcohol and drug use.



SPAARC member Dr. Gregory W. Schrimsher was the featured expert for an article in the School of Medicine's newsletter "The Daily Dose" on binge drinking during spring break.To read the story click here

The SPAARC would like to congratulate Dr. Lee M. Cohen on his promotion to Professor and appointment as Chairman of the Department of Psychology, Texas Tech University.

The SPAARC is very pleased to announce that eight medical students from TTUHSC will have the opportunity to receive unique educational experience at the Betty Ford Center.
Substance use disorder detection and treatment is a vital part of medical practice. Given the prevalence of alcohol and drug addiction and the severity of its potential medical and psychological consequence for patients and their families, it is important that future physicians have a solid foundation in this area. This one-week structured training experience will involve onsite training at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California. The program is experiential in nature, allowing participants to spend the majority of their time immersed in the same activities as the patients or family members.  In addition, there are supplemental presentations provided to augment understanding of the disease of addiction. Participants will either participate in the Inpatient Program, the Residential Day Treatment Program, or the Family Program. This experience will involve participating in treatment activities as well as multidisciplinary treatment planning meetings. Participants will also meet as a group daily during that week to discuss their experiences in each of these programs. Two faculty members will also participate and will be involved in the same activities as the resident participants. This is a unique training experience that is being made available to TTUHSC medical students and residents through the generous support of Mr. Jay Bonds. Mr. Bond’s interest is in preparing future physicians to optimally deal with evaluating and guiding patients to appropriate treatment when substance use is an issue. The Betty Ford Center is one of the premier treatment facilities in the country and its program serves as a template for most of the substance use disorder treatment programs existing today. Information about the BFC Summer Institute for Medical Students is available at