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Opportunities at SPAARC

Faculty Positions:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center is interested in recruiting groups and individuals,
including physician-scientists, that can enhance the South Plains Alcohol and Addiction
Research Consortium's objectives. The major goal of SPAARC is to develop translational,
multidisciplinary and collaborative approaches to investigate the connection between cognition,
behavior, neural connectivity, brain structure, molecular and genetic predisposition, and the
human consequences of  binge and long-term alcohol and drug use. For a list of current members use the Members navigation button under SPAARC RESOURCES.

Click on this link for a description of faculty positions currently available.

Postdoctoral Fellowships:

Dr. Susan Bergeson is seeking Ph.D. applicants with a desire to work on research relating to
the molecular neurobiological consequences of alcohol drinking.  Her laboratory uses several
mouse models and ongoing projects are focused on the genetic predisposition to alcohol
drinking and sensitivity to alcohol-related responses, as well as the consequences of alcohol
exposure in brain.  Trainees will have opportunities to gain experience in behavioral neuroscience,
biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology and pharmacology.

Inquiries should be made via e-mail to:  Susan.

Bergeson Lab:

Graduate Students:

Applications to TTUHSC's Graduate School for the Biomedical Sciences can be made at:

Applications for TTU are found at:

TTUHSC is an equal opportunity employer.