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Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials

Because of the emphasis being placed on investigator-initiated clinical trials, the number of industry-sponsored trials currently active and the number of study coordinators at this time, new industry-sponsored clinical trials will be coordinated by the CRI on a case-by-case basis and only under the following rigorous conditions:

  • The required number of subjects will be available and can be enrolled in the defined time period
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria are not so strict as to severely restrict enrollment. The nature of expected subject participation is not such as to discourage enrollment
  • CRI study coordinators have sufficient time to take on the study
  • No monetary support will come from the CRI. The budget and contract will be negotiated as done previously. If the CRI incurs costs above that budgeted (including salary costs for the time spent by the nurse coordinator), these must be covered and paid immediately by the sponsoring department or CRI support will be terminated and study completion turned over to the department
  • The principal investigator agrees to meet his/her responsibilities for participation on the study
  • The study must be approved by the co-directors of the CRI


For questions regarding Industry-related Contracts, please contact:

Pam Frazier, MPA, CCRP
Contracting, Senior Director
T: 806.743.4367