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communications and media

The TTUHSC communications team can help connect your project to the media locally, nationally and internationally. TTUHSC communications experts are available to advise and create the most-effective pitches for TTUHSC news. Communications and media relations specialists also act as liaisons for members of the media seeking sources for health care and education stories within TTUHSC.

As the primary source for news from TTUHSC, the Office of Communications and Marketing communications and media relations team works to craft effective communication about research and academic programs, breaking news, health context for important current events and student initiatives. By keeping abreast of the innovation and news within TTUHSC, the Office of Communications and Marketing is able to provide interesting and breaking health news to the media and the world through press releases, advisories, media pitches and a newswire.

The communications and media relations team is available to discuss your current projects, discoveries or events to determine how they fit into the ever-evolving communications and media relations strategy.

Below are some communications services the Office of Communications and Marketing can provide:

  • Custom pitches to specific reporters
  • Media advisories
  • Press conferences
  • Media events
  • Editorials and feature articles
  • Context from campus
  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Mass emails
  • Campus newsletters
  • Community forums

CREATIVE and marketing

The Office of Communications and Marketing creative services team can develop professional publications and design captivating graphics. The creative team holds multiple awards and years of experience, all of which ensures the work you receive for your project will be high-quality and exceed your expectations. The team works with clients from across TTUHSC to produce innovative graphic solutions. Additionally, the TTUHSC creative team can apply brand management standards to ensure your project is consistent with TTUHSC brand guidelines and established identity, thereby maximizing its resonance with your intended audience.

We design, produce and maintain:

  • Brand-guidelines
  • Brochures
  • Posters and flyers
  • Invitations, announcements and programs
  • Newsletters and magazines
  • Bulletins and directories
  • Maps
  • Environmental graphics
  • Certificates and awards
  • Custom packaging
  • PDF


No matter the scale, the Office of Communications and Marketing can help you imagine the perfect marketing or advertising approach for your project. The marketing and advertising team can help with video, print and other advertising, as well as employing marketing strategies for your desired outcomes.

The Office of Communications and Marketing team is made up of copywriters, graphic designers and multimedia experts who work to create the best marketing and advertising materials that communicate the values and mission of TTUHSC while preserving and reflecting its unique identity. From the development of a unique concept for your project to distribution, the marketing and advertising team can deliver the best collateral to tell the world about your organization, service or product.

The marketing and advertising team works to make the entire process of planning and executing a great marketing strategy fun and easy.

The team will work to craft a customized plan to reach your desired results with your target audience. Marketing experts can suggest options, offer ideas and plan deadlines. The marketing and advertising team bring an expert insight and are focused on promoting TTUHSC’s vision and mission.

To get started, complete the request form. The Office of Communications and Marketing will set up a meeting to discuss direction and immediately open a project ticket to begin creating materials and organizing the logistics of your marketing plan. Along the way, the Office of Communications and Marketing will invite you to review and revise all the work before it is completed.


The TTUHSC Office of Communications and Marketing provides Web development, social media and digital media services through its interactive media and development team. The team is available to combine a variety of digital tools into a cohesive strategy to reach your audience online.

The interactive media and development team oversees campus web templates, website updates, the central social media pages and digital communication for TTUHSC. A central focus for the team is helping students, alumni, faculty, staff and fans stay connected and up-to-date.


The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for web standards at TTUHSC. In-house developers provide full-service web development for all TTUHSC schools, departments and organizations and can assist in any capacity, from design and development to site management.


TTUHSC Office of Communications and Marketing social media experts cultivate the campus conversation and provide exclusive content via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and Twitter. Always on the lookout for emerging social media trends and new communication channels, the team connects students and community with TTUHSC, both locally, nationally and globally.

The Office of Communications and Marketing serves as the primary social media coordinator for the university to ensure social media pages’ message, tone and content are consistently relevant to TTUHSC’s mission and values. If you’re thinking about starting a social media page, the first step is complete the social media request and registry form. A social media expert from the TTUHSC Office of Communications and Marketing will contact you to discuss strategy, eligible content and best practice.


We can help you create and publish forms or surveys for your needed digital medium. Whether your medium is email or online, we have the tools to help you gather the information you need.


If you are interested in how people are interacting with your website, we offer Google Analytics. We can setup an account for you or manage the reports to best suit your needs.


The Office Communications and Marketing provides professional photography and videography services and maintains an institutional image database. The impact that quality images have on Web, print and other projects cannot be overestimated, and TTUHSC’s staff photographers bring energy and vitality to the university’s various media. In addition to covering newsworthy events within TTUHSC, the photography and videography team provides images and video for creative, marketing and other projects the Office of Communications and Marketing produces.

The team maintains an extensive database of images featuring TTUHSC events, student activities and organizations, health care providers, faculty, alumni and campus scenery, which is available by request for your creative needs.

Please submit photo requests a minimum of 10 business days prior to the desired date. Our team of photographers produces photojournalism content for our news office, editorial photography for use in our various publications as well as commercial photography that serves to advance the TTUHSC brand. Maintaining these obligations is the foremost priority for the photography and videography team. In the event that the photography and videography is unable to meet your request due a previous engagement, experts will provide you with a preferred list of alternate photographers or videographers.

  • Event photography in a photojournalistic style
  • Photography and videography for marketing and advertising projects
  • Photojournalist coverage for TTUHSC news
  • Maintain and update TTUHSC photography database
  • Formal portraiture for biography pages
  • Architectural/facility photography
  • Clinical photography and videography