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The Office of Global Health (OGH) invites you to attend an ongoing lecture series on issues related to global health and constructive ways to build healthy communities. The lectures will be held twice a month at 12:00 noon CT. Invited guest speakers will share their personal stories and experiences. Everyone is invited to attend. Free lunch will be provided to the first 50 attendees (Lubbock campus only!). Click here for a list of lecture dates, speakers, and topics.

  • Title: Global & Rural Health Certificate Program
    Capstone Presentations 
  • Date: Wednesday, April 5, 2017
  • Time: 12:00 noon CT
  • Lubbock ACB 110
  • Lectures originating at the Lubbock campus
    will no longer be linked, but they will be
    recorded for viewing on the OGH web site.

Melissa Donoso, RN, BSN, LP, CPhT, is a full-time student currently enrolled in the Master's of Science FNP program at TTUHSC, and she works full time as the project manager for a critical access hospital. Ms. Donoso will discuss the Breathe Better, Live Better program. The Breathe Better, Live Better program is a small community centered health improvement program targeted at improving the quality of life for those who suffer from lung disorders and disease. The Breathe Better, Live Better program was developed in a small rural community to decrease the health disparities within the community. The program is patient focused within a small group to help achieve a better quality of life and understanding of lung disease.

Kristin Hernandez is a seventh semester Family Nurse Practitioner student residing in El Paso. Her capstone project focused on cancer survivors in the El Paso region. Kristin developed a small cancer support group which provided six Survive and Thrive training sessions to its 10-12 participants. Throughout the project she worked closely with the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation, a non-profit organization that provided funding and resources for the support group. In an effort to increase resources and access to support services Kristin's goal is to create up to four sustainable support groups for cancer survivors.

Tracey Smith Page, DNP, RN, FNP-BC, earned her BSN, MSN and DNP from TTUHSC so it was no surprise when she decided to return once more to complete her Certificate in Global Health. Dr. Page currently serves as nursing faculty at UT Health San Antonio and continues to be active in global nursing initiatives. Her presentation, Interprofessional Collaboration to Address Hearing Related Health Disparities in Nicaraguan Children, will provide a brief overview of ongoing efforts to introduce a child hearing screening program in Jinotega, Nicaragua. It is also the basis for national and international podium presentations which will be delivered in 2017.

Erin Kostina-Ritchey has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies and has been a certified Family Life Educator since 2007. Prior to attending graduate school, Erin worked for a non-profit as a social service and education consultant and was based in Central Asia for five years. She is currently completing a post-doctoral position at the Texas Tech Center for Adolescent Resiliency. Erin's Global Health Capstone project focuses on her interest in identity/family narrative development and resiliency as it relates to the portrayal of international adoption in children's books. Working with her project advisor/co-author she presented seven distinct analyses at national research conferences, published one peer-reviewed article, has one peer-reviewed article in revision and an additional peer-reviewed article under review. Erin also met with representatives of the Adoption Museum Project and the Museum of Chinese in America.

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Bring one large bottle of glue or 2 glue sticks to the Office of Global Health (2B410) prior to the day of the lecture and we’ll reserve a meal for you!!!!

The Office of Global Health (OGH) will be collecting supplies for the special needs school in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The special needs school serves children throughout the Jinotega region who live with various special needs including deafness, autism, and Downs Syndrome.

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