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Requirements: International Programs for Students

Students selected to participate in a TTUHSC sponsored international program or activity must complete the following requirements prior to their departure or at the conclusion of their international program:

  • Students must complete a pre-departure orientation through OGH. The pre-departure orientation is two-fold and includes:
    • a set of on-line modules to be completed at your convenience and prior to the face-to-face orientation
    • a face-to-face orientation. For students located at a campus other than Lubbock this portion can be completed via techlink, Lync, or conference call.
  • Students must complete a packet of emergency & liability forms. Completion of the forms is included in the on-line pre-departure modules.
  • Students must obtain a passport if they do not already have one.
  • Students must obtain a visa if required to enter the host country. This information can be found in the country specific information on the Department of State's website. OGH can also assist you in determining if a visa is needed.
  • Students must obtain international health & MEDEVAC insurance. This will be completed through OGH during the pre-departure orientation. 
  • Students must obtain vaccinations / immunizations (if required by CDC) and demonstrate proof to OGH.
  • Students must obtain/check out a post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) kit from OGH if the international program includes work in a clinical setting. Please note: for students participating in a faculty-led program, the faculty member leading the program will obtain the kit(s) for the group.
  • Students must complete an exit counseling survey after the conclusion of the program.

Students should also be aware that all curricular aspects are handled by each school. Students should direct questions to their school regarding academic credit, course work, and projects to be completed during the international program.