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Profile for Devin Lowe, PhD

Devin Lowe

Devin Lowe, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 325-696-0486
Mail Address: 1718 Pine St; Office 1306
Abilene TX 79601

Research Interests

    My laboratory is interested in studying tumor angiogenesis during (immuno)therapeutic interventions. There are two major concentrations in the lab:

    Basic science level
  • Understand mechanistic aspects and consequences of tumor blood vessel destruction using therapeutic regimens that include the immune system

  • Improve knowledge of the interplay between immune cells, vascular components, and cancer cells

    Translational science level

  • Develop anti-tumor blood vessel immunotherapeutic strategies as first- / second-line agents for individuals with vascularized cancers

  • Design diagnostic assays to inform immunotherapeutic design and efficacy in patients

Selected Publications:

  • Lowe, Devin & Bivens, C & Mobley, A & Herrera, C & McCormick, A & Wichner, T & Sabnani, M & Wood, Laurence & Weidanz, Jon May (2017) TCR-like antibody drug conjugates mediate killing of tumor cells with low peptide/HLA targets. mAbs, 9, 4, 603-614.
  • La-Beck, Irene & Jean, Gary & Huynh, C & Alzghari, S & Lowe, Devin October (2015) Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: New Insights and Current Place in Cancer Therapy. Pharmacotherapy, 35, 10, 963-76.
  • Lowe, Devin & Bose, A & Taylor, J & Tawbi, H & Lin, Y & Kirkwood, J & Storkus, W January (2014) Dasatinib promotes the expansion of a therapeutically superior T-cell repertoire in response to dendritic cell vaccination against melanoma. Oncoimmunology, 3, 1, e27589.
  • Bose, A & Lowe, Devin & Rao, A & Storkus, W June (2012) Combined vaccine+axitinib therapy yields superior antitumor efficacy in a murine melanoma model. Melanoma research, 22, 3, 236-43.
  • Zhao, X & Bose, A & Komita, H & Taylor, J & Chi, N & Lowe, Devin & Okada, H & Cao, Y & Mukhopadhyay, D & Cohen, P & Storkus, W February (2012) Vaccines targeting tumor blood vessel antigens promote CD8(+) T cell-dependent tumor eradication or dormancy in HLA-A2 transgenic mice. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 188, 4, 1782-8.