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Gul Ahmad

  • Research Assistant Professor
Office Phone:
Mail Address: 3601 4th Street Stop 6591
Lubbock TX 79430

Selected Publications:

  • Saifullah, M & Ahmad, Gul & Abidi, S. (2011) Partial purification and characterization of Excretory/Secretory antigens of Gastrothylax crumenifer Veterinary Parasitology, 180, 232, 236.
  • Ahmad, Gul & Zhang, W & Torben, W & Ahrorov, A. & Damian, RT & Wolf, R & White, G & Carey, D & Mwinzi, PN & Leal, L & Kennedy, R & Siddiqui, A (2011) Preclinical prophylactic efficacy testing of Sm-p80 based vaccine in nonhuman primate model of Schistosome mansoni and IgG/IgE response to Sm-p80 in human sera from Schistosome endemic area The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 204, 9, 1437-1449.
  • Torben, W & Ahmad, Gul & Zhang, W & Siddiqui, A (2011) Role of antibodies in Sm-p80-mediated protection against Schistosoma mansoni challenge infection in murine and nonhuman primate models Vaccine, 29, 2262-2271.
  • Zhang, W & Ahmad, Gul & Torben, W & Siddiqui, A (2011) Schistosoma mansoni antigen Sm-p80: Prophylactic efficacy of a vaccine formulated in human approved plasmid vector and adjuvant (VR1020 and alum) Acta Tropica, 118, 142-151.
  • Ahmad, Gul & Zhang, W & Torben, W & Noor, Z & Siddiqui, A (2010) Protective effects of Sm-p80 in the presence of resiquimod as an adjuvant against challenge infection with Schistosome mansoni in mice International Journal of Infectious Diseases, 14, e781-e787.