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Jon Weidanz

Jon Weidanz

  • Adjunct Assoc Professor Immunotherapeutics Dept Abi
Office Phone: 325-696-0414
Mail Address: 1718 Pine St
Abilene TX 79601-3044


Dr. Weidanz has over 20 years of experience in biotechnology research with emphasis in immunology, immunotherapy and immunodiagnostic product development, especially as these disciplines relate to oncology and the development of products to diagnose and treat cancer. His work has been funded from the NIH, DOD and American Heart Association. He is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Receptor Logic, Inc., and most recently served as its President. His other duties include serving as: 1) Chairman for the Department of Immunotherapeutics and Biotechnology, 2) Director for the Center for Immunotherapeutic Research and Product Development, and 3) a tenured Professor at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC). He received the President's Excellence in Teaching Award as well as the Chancellor's Council Distinguished Teaching Award for his innovative classroom instruction TTUHSC.

Research Interests

Dr. Weidanz has published studies involving therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, vaccine potency assays, dendritic cells and T cells related to vaccine development and assessment of immune modulators.
In particular, Dr. Weidan zis intersted in a class of antibodies his group has named as T cell receptor mimickig (TCRm) antibodies. These antibodies bind to peptide/MHC complexes and ae useful as research tools to study antigen processing and presentation

Selected Publications:

  • Bhattacharya, R & Xu, Y & Rahman, M & Couraud, P & Romero , I & Weksler, B & Weidanz, Jon & Bickel, Ulrich (2010) A novel vascular targeting strategy for brain-derived endothelial cells using a TCR mimic antibody. J Cell Physiol , 225, 664-672.
  • Alfonso , L. & Srivenugopal, Kalkunte & Arumugam , T. & Abbruscato, Tom & Weidanz, Jon & Bhat , G. (2009) Aspirin inhibits camptothecin-induced p21CIP1 levels and potentiates apoptosis in human breast cancer cells. Int J Oncol., 34(3), 597-608.
  • Yu, Y & Pilgrim, P & Zhou, W & Gagliano, N & Frezza, EE & Jenkins, Marjorie & Weidanz, Jon & Lustgarten, J & Cannon, M & Cobos, Everardo & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio December (2008) rAAV/Her-2/neu loading of dendritic cells for a potent cellular-mediated MHC class I restricted immune response against ovarian cancer. 21, 4, 435-42.
  • Yu, Y & Pilgrim, P & Zhou, W & Gagliano, N & Frezza, EE & Jenkins, Marjorie & Weidanz, Jon & Cobos, Everardo & Lustgarten, J & Cannon, M & Chiriva-Internati, Maurizio October (2008) Protective CD8+ T-cell responses to cytomegalovirus driven by rAAV/GFP/IE1 loading of dendritic cells. 5, 6, 56.
  • Chimalakonda , A & Montgomery , D & Weidanz, Jon & Shaik , I & Nguyen , J & Lemasters , J & Kobayashi , E & Mehvar, Reza (2006) Attenuation of Acute Rejection in a Rat Liver Transplantation Model by a Liver-Targeted Dextran Prodrug of Methylprednisolone. Transplantation, 81, 678-685.