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Profile for Maciej Markiewski, PhD

Maciej Markiewski

Maciej Markiewski, PhD

  • Professor
Office Phone: 325-696-0430
Mail Address: 1718 Pine St
Abilene TX 79601-3044



Dr. Maciej Markiewski received his M.D. in 1990 and Ph.D. in tumor pathology in 1995 from Pomeranian Medical University in Poland. He is also board certified in Anatomic Pathology and served as a histopathology consultant for several years prior to coming to the USA. He received his postdoctoral training in immunology in Dr. John Lambris’ laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania where he was also a research associate and a senior research investigator.

Research Interests

tumor immunology, inflammation, innate immunity, complement biology, cancer progression and metastasis

Selected Publications:

  • Sharma, S & Chintala, N & Vadrevu, S & Patel, J & Karbowniczek, Magdalena & Markiewski, Maciej April (2015) Pulmonary Alveolar Macrophages Contribute to the Premetastatic Niche by Suppressing Antitumor T Cell Responses in the Lungs. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950).
  • Rafail, S & Kourtzelis, I & Foukas, P & Markiewski, Maciej & DeAngelis, R & Guariento, M & Ricklin, D & Grice, E & Lambris, J February (2015) Complement deficiency promotes cutaneous wound healing in mice. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 194, 3, 1285-91.
  • Vadrevu, S & Chintala, N & Sharma, S & Sharma, P & Cleveland, C & Riediger, L & Manne, S & Fairlie, D & Gorczyca, W & Almanza, O & Karbowniczek, Magdalena & Markiewski, Maciej July (2014) Complement c5a receptor facilitates cancer metastasis by altering T-cell responses in the metastatic niche. Cancer research, 74, 13, 3454-65.
  • Jain, Rinki & Rawat, Amit & Verma, Bhavna & Markiewski, Maciej & Weidanz, Jon January (2013) Antitumor activity of a monoclonal antibody targeting major histocompatibility complex class I-Her2 peptide complexes Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 105, 3, 202-218.
  • DeAngelis, R & Markiewski, Maciej & Kourtzelis, I & Rafail, S & Syriga, M & Sandor, A & Maurya, M & Gupta, S & Subramaniam, S & Lambris, J January (2012) A complement-IL-4 regulatory circuit controls liver regeneration. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950), 188, 2, 641-8.