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Profile for Robert Woolard

Robert Woolard

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  • Prof Dept of Biomedical Sciences
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Office Phone: 915-215-4609
Mail Address: 4801 Alberta Ave
El Paso TX 79905-2707

Research Interests

Reducing Substance Misuse
Acute Coronary Syndrome
Bedside analyzers

Teaching Interests

Geriatric EM
Unusual Infections

Clinical Interests

Bedside Teaching
Clinical Findings on Physical Exam
Filling gaps in spectrum of care

Selected Publications:

  • Cherpitel, C & Ye, Y & Bond, J & Woolard, Robert & Villalobos, S & Bernstein, J & Bernstein, E & Ramos, R August (2015) Brief Intervention in the Emergency Department Among Mexican-Origin Young Adults at the US-Mexico Border: Outcomes of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Using Promotores†. Alcohol and alcoholism (Oxford, Oxfordshire).
  • Field, C & Cabriales, J & Woolard, Robert & Tyroch, Alan & Caetano, R & Castro, Y July (2015) Cultural adaptation of a brief motivational intervention for heavy drinking among Hispanics in a medical setting. BMC public health, 15, 724.
  • Woolard, Robert & Liu, J & Parsa, Michael & Merriman, G & Tarwater, Patrick & Alba, I & Villalobos, S & Ramos, R & Bernstein, J & Bernstein, E & Bond, J & Cherpitel, C December (2014) Smoking Is Associated with Increased Risk of Binge Drinking in a Young Adult Hispanic Population at the US/Mexico Border. Substance abuse : official publication of the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse, 0.
  • Proano, L & Sucov, A & Woolard, Robert November (2014) Cardiology electrocardiogram overreads rarely influence patient care outcome. The American journal of emergency medicine, 32, 11, 1311-4.
  • Selker, H & Udelson, J & Massaro, J & Ruthazer, R & D'Agostino, R & Griffith, J & Sheehan, P & Desvigne-Nickens, P & Rosenberg, Y & Tian, X & Vickery, E & Atkins, J & Aufderheide, T & Sayah, A & Pirrallo, R & Levy, M & Richards, M & Braude, D & Doyle, D & Frascone, R & Kosiak, D & Leaming, J & Van Gelder, C & Walter, G & Wayne, M & Woolard, Robert & Beshansky, J May (2014) One-year outcomes of out-of-hospital administration of intravenous glucose, insulin, and potassium (GIK) in patients with suspected acute coronary syndromes (from the IMMEDIATE [Immediate Myocardial Metabolic Enhancement During Initial Assessment and Treatment in Emergency Care] Trial). The American journal of cardiology, 113, 10, 1599-605.