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Community Partners

What is a Community Partner?

Community Partners

ACCION for Rural West Texas serves a target population that is spread across multiple counties, over long distances, and from many different cultures. In order for our program to flourish, we need established organizations, institutions, causes, and individuals to assist in increasing our service capacity. We believe our rural West Texas residents need our program and deserve services that aim to improve their quality of life. As a Community Partner, you can help us by:

  • Allowing our Certified Community Health Workers to recruit participants at your location(s)
  • Making participant referrals for those who meet our eligibility requirements
  • Being a referral for ACCION for Rural West Texas participants whom require additional services not provided by our program
  • Sharing about our program and disseminating our information
  • Supporting our initiatives

We believe a strong network of Community Partnerships is the cornerstone for successful program outreach. We are eager to have you join us in furthering efforts of providing these services to all eligible rural West Texas residents.

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