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Welcome to SABR 2018!

The purpose of this program is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to experience life as a scientist. Many of our past SABR interns have continued on to graduate school and a career in research.

We will pay you a stipend of $3800 for the summer. You will be assigned a mentor who will give you a project that you can complete during the summer. Working on your own research project will be an immersive experience for the entire duration of the ten-week internship. In addition to the hands on experience you will get while working in the laboratory, you will also be exposed to a series of seminars given by established scientists.  The topics of these seminars will range from practical issues including laboratory safety and scientific ethics to how to present your scientific findings to a lay audience. You will also be able to interact with current graduate students as they present the research that they are conducting and share with you insights on graduate student life.

Finally, you will receive laboratory and radiation safety training certification that may be used at a later date.

Check out what we have planned for your summer by clicking on the calendar link. At the end of the internship you will present your work in an abstract and a 10-minute talk, just like you would at a national scientific meeting.

Admission is very competitive, so get your application in early. Please feel free to contact potential mentors whose research you find interesting. However, pre-selecting a mentor does not guarantee acceptance into the SABR internship. You will find links to mentor laboratories on the left. I look forward to meeting you in June.


2018 SABR Committee

Dr. Wendy Pruitt

Dr. Wendy Pruitt, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean

Dr. Josee Guindon

Dr. Josee Guindon. Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Pharmacology and Neuroscience