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Image of Bertrin Vouffo and her familyBERTIN VOUFFO
Class of 2016, School of Pharmacy

West Texas Pharmacy Association Scholarship

Sybil B. Harrington Pharmacy Scholarship

Joshua Carnes Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Phonathon Scholarship

Walgreens Diversity Pharmacy Scholarship

I am very grateful and appreciative for everything our donors have done to help and support pharmacy students. Their generosity has been a tremendous help for me and my family.

A BIG thank you to all my donors! The scholarships I have received contributed to help pay part of my tuition and school needs such as a printer and computer and books. Additionally, they have helped my family with our living expenses.

Texas Tech UniversityHearlth Sciences Center has a strong, innovative curriculum and is one of the rare schools to accept foreign credentials. I'm have been encouraged here and provided opportunities here that I wouldn't have had at another school. 


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