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TTUHSC Funding Opportunities

funding opportunities

These vital funding opportunities extend to all of the TTUHSC schools and institutes which include:

  • Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
  • School of Health Professions
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Medicine
  • School of Nursing
  • Paul L. Foster School of Medicine at El Paso
  • Gayle Greve Hunt School of Nursing at El Paso
  • F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health
  • Garrison Institute on Aging
  • Laura W. Bush Institute for Women's Health
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Student Scholarships

Developing TTUHSC into a world-class training institution requires scholarships to attract the best and brightest students to our programs. With the rising costs of education and shrinking available funding sources, scholarships enable TTUHSC to remain competitive. Without scholarship awards many students are unable to attend due to financial constraints. You can contribute to an established scholarship fund or establish a new fund.

Faculty Development

One of the most powerful tools for attracting and retaining excellence in educational leadership is the endowed faculty chairs, professorships, fellowships, and lectureship. Renowned faculty members attract other first-rate clinicians and scientists, as well as the most promising students. Distinguished chair and professorship holders also generate external support from public and private sources, bringing added prestige to the school and reducing the school’s dependence on tuition and fees. Areas of faculty development include:

  • Endowed Chairs
  • Endowed Professorships
  • Endowed Fellowship
  • Endowed Lectureship

Non-Endowed Gifts

Donors who wish to make a non-endowed gift to TTUHSC to directly support scholarships, faculty development or research can be made on a one-time, periodic or annual basis. You may designate the school, program and/or specific (or unrestricted) purpose for each gift.


The research mission of TTUHSC is to leverage its unique structure and settings to acquire new knowledge in the area of human health, to develop new technologies to better diagnose and treat human diseases, and to build partnerships to better serve West Texas and the nation. At no time in human history has the potential been greater for translating biological knowledge and technological capability into powerful tools for preventing and treating disease. Whether your interest is cancer research, Alzheimer's research or another specific area of health care research, the TTUHSC development staff can help direct you.


For more information about how your gifts can benefit TTUHSC please contact