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Interprofessional Ambassadors (IPA)

IPA is a student organization whose mission is to collaborate interprofessionally in promoting a training environment that will enhance quality healthcare and improve patient outcomes. IPA's goal is to promote interprofessionalism by upholding the qualities of teamwork, communication, and understanding between the health care professions.


CLARION Case Competition

CLARION is a University of Minnesota student organization dedicated to improving health care through interprofessional collaboration. Since 2002, CLARION has hosted the University of Minnesota local student case competition for health professional students, enabling them to achieve a 360-degree perspective on patient safety in today's health care system and how it might be improved. Student teams, consisting of four students, comprised of at least two disciplines, are given a case and are charged with creating a root cause analysis. The team presents their analysis to a panel of interprofessional judges that evaluates their analysis in the context of real world standards of practice. CLARION expanded the competition to the national level in 2005.

Pillars and Goals of CLARION

  • Leadership
  • Interprofessional Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Patient Safety and Quality
  • Patient-Centered Care

To develop an understanding and appreciation of the skills that each professional brings to the healthcare team by fostering positive relationships which will extend into professional careers.

Clarion at TTUHSC

In March, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) hosted the regional 2015 CLARION Case Study Competition

The Daily Dose highlights the team's experience throughout the competition.

Who Can Apply?

Any full time, Jr level and above students.

Team Selection (TTUHSC)

  • Application Call - All campuses and schools
  • Offered scholarship to team members
  • Final Selection Criteria
    • Full time student
    • Interest in Interprofessional Team
    • Background and current skill set to contribute to CLARION Team
    • Completion of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on  Josie King Story
    • Experience in RCA and/or logic in Causal Tree

Why Participate?

Our patients deserve the best care possible. And, to be the best healthcare provider, you must stretch outside the comforts of ordinary learning and practice the skills you admire in others or expect of yourself. Your career is important to us!

How do you benefit?

In addition to the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of “it” you will obtain through the process, each member selected will receive a $500 scholarship and all expenses paid to represent TTUHSC at the national competition.

For more information on CLARION at TTUHSC, please contact Lisa Popp at (806) 743-3800.