Profile for John Culberson, MD

John Culberson

John Culberson, MD

  • Bernhard T. Mittemeyer, M.D., Endowed Chair in Medical Excellence in Geriatric Medicine
  • Associate Professor, Famiy & Community Medicine
  • Director, Garrison Institute on Aging, Clinical Geriatric Programs
Office Phone: 806-743-6033
Mail Address: 3601 4th St Stop 8143
Lubbock TX 79430-8143

Selected Publications:

  • Culberson JW. Ask the Expert, Prostatitis, ID Module, Sex and Gender Specific Health. 2017.
  • Culberson JW. Clinical aspects of glucose metabolism and chronic disease. Springer International Publishing 2017.
  • Culberson JW, Chatterjee T, Prabhu FR. Intimacy in the Long-Term Care Setting. Springer 2017.
  • Canham SL, Egan C, Culberson JW. Substance Use and Abuse in Later Life: Linking Social Contexts, Social Networks, and Individual Factors. The Geriontologist 2014;54(2):138-139.
  • Culberson JW, Ticker R, Burnett J, Marcus M, Pickens S, Dyer C. Prescription Medication Use Among Self-Neglecting Elderly.. Journal of Addictions Nursing 2011;22:63-68.