Immediately upon acceptance of an offer of admission, the student pays a non-refundable $100 placement guarantee fee. Failure to pay the fee will result in forfeiture of the offer of acceptance.

To enable the student to approximate expenses an estimated average cost per semester the following information is provided from the Financial Aid Office. These estimates are based on the AY15 and AY16 academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Please be aware these figures are only estimates.

Estimated Tuition and Fees Per Semester 2016-17

  Traditional BSN Track Estimated 15 semester Credit Hours RN-BSN Track Estimated 15 Semester Credit Hours 2nd Degree BSN Track Estimated 20 Semester Credit Hours Graduate Studies Estimated 9 Semester Credit Hours
  Resident Non Resident Resident Non Resident Resident Non Resident Resident Non Resident
Tuition $2,850 $8,970 $2,850 $8,970 $3,800 $11,960 $2,160 $5,832
Fees $1,476.20 $1,476.20 $1,161 $1,161 $3,531 $3,531 $952 $952
Books/Supplies $750 $750 $800 $800 $1,050 $1,050 $450 $450
Housing/Food $3,598 $3,598 $4,982 $4,982 $4,982 $4,982 $5,616 $5,616
Transportation $1,310 $1,310 $1,814 $1,814 $1,814 $1,814 $2,052 $2,052
Personal/Misc. $2,571 $2,571 $3,560 $3,560 $3,560 $3,560 $3,173 $3,173
TOTAL $12,555.20 $18,675 $15,167 $21,287 $18,737 $26,897 $14,403 $18,075

There is an installment plan available for fall and spring terms only. An Installment Option Fee is charged per semester to students who use the installment payment plan. There is no installment option for the summer semester due to the shortened length of the semester. Tuition is paid to TTUHSC. Further questions regarding tuition and fees should be directed to the TTUHSC Student Business Services Office at (806) 743-7867.

Payment & Refund Information for Tuition and Fees

Information concerning payments and refunds can be obtained from the TTUHSC Student Business Services Office website at or 806) 743-7867 or

Financial Aid

Grants and loans are available through the TTUHSC Financial Aid Office (806-743-3025) All students interested in receiving grants, loans and scholarships are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be sent to TTUHSC. The FAFSA must be completed to receive a scholarship from the School of Nursing. The FAFSA can be completed on the FAFSA website at

Financial aid award letters to other colleges and universities including TTU are not transferable to TTUHSC. Separate financial aid applications are required for TTU and TTUHSC. Contact the TTUHSC Financial Aid Office during the School of Nursing application process.