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Room Reservations


The Room Reservation WebForm is to be used for all internal room reservation requests. The website is only to be used for internal requests. The “ External Organizations” form is to be used for all External organizations. Please check room availability in EMS before completing the “ External Organizations” form or using the Room Reservation WebForm.

A completed Room Reservation form is required for all rooms that are scheduled and designated as meeting rooms. Attach a calendar when multiple bookings are requested. Multiple bookings option can be selected in the Room Reservation WebForm. Submit a diagram when a specific room arrangement is needed.

All Room Reservations are scheduled on a “first come first serve” basis.

Please direct your questions and send your completed form for a Room Reservation to the Primary Scheduler at TTUHSC at the Permian Basin:

Samuel Chanjaplammootil
432-335-5281 Fax

Kendra Lewis
432-335-5281 Fax

A verbal inquiry does not “hold” a room. A room will NOT be scheduled until a completed Room Reservation form is received. The confirmation is your guarantee the room is reserved. Please read your attached reservation carefully. Submit any changes or corrections immediately.

Once a Room Reservation is scheduled the Facilities’ office receives notification and implements the necessary procedures to ensure that all staff required are informed to meet the needed request.

The Primary Scheduler is the person to contact for any add on, change or cancellation of your reservation.

Should a “last minute” change occur, please call the Primary Scheduler. The Primary Scheduler will contact the staff required to meet your request. If the Primary Scheduler is not available, call the Facilities’ office (432-703-5091).

PLEASE GIVE NOTIFICATION OF ANY CANCELLATION ASAP. This is very important! It will prevent wasted time setting up and breaking down, as well as additional expense due to coffee and tea not being used.

When Audio Visual help is needed during a scheduled meeting:

Information Technology

In special instances, with approval from Administration-School of Medicine, 432-335-5108, the Infocus portable LCD projector may be used off campus. When used off campus, a Temporary Use of Property Authorization Form is required and has to be completed. Refer to the Room Reservation form for additional Audio Visual equipment available. The department using state property is responsible for damage to any equipment used, on or off campus.


With the exception of a charge for soft drinks, usually there is no other charge for an “In-house” room reservation. The majority of prices are given on the “External Organizations” Room Reservation form. A final cost is determined by the campus AVP.