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Surplus Property


Surplus Property Manager: Samuel Chanjaplammootil, Director Facilities, Operations & Maintenance

The Facilities, Operations & Maintenance department is responsible for all Surplus Property for TTUHSC at the Permian Basin, including associated clinics located in outlying areas. Any or all property that a department needs to dispose of should be handled using the correct documentation. Arrangements will be made to pick up surplus property when the completed property inventory forms are received in the Facilities, Operations & Maintenance department.


There are two forms to use for surplus property pick up:

  • Departmental Certification for Surplus of an Inventoried Item
    TTUHSC OP63.11Attachment A (Broken, Obsolete, Unserviceable, or Surplus Property)
    All state property with a Texas Tech tag number on the fixed asset listing with an acquisition cost of $5,000 and above, including controlled assets of $500 and above (computers, faxes, copiers, cameras, etc.)
  • Request for Pick Up of Surplus Property
    TTUHSC OP63.11 Attachment B (Items not Carried on Departmental Inventory)
    Property not on fixed asset listing, such as chairs, file folders, lamps, tables, office equipment, etc.

NOTE: Due to the minimum acquisition cost of state property being raised from $1,000 to $5,000 in FY03, some state property will have Texas Tech tag numbers on it, which no longer are on the fixed asset listing. Check your department's fixed asset listing online to determine which form to use when disposing of equipment in your department.

The decision as to how state property is to be disposed of is the responsibility of the Surplus Property Manager. The department/school is responsible for completing the necessary forms and submitting them to the Facilities' office.

Describe the item as much as possible.

Example: Chair-secretarial w/ arms blue fabric
Example: Computer - Dell w/ monitor, keyboard etc

If additional information is needed to fully complete the form, call the Facilities' office at 432-703-5091. The signature of the Property Custodian is required. Arrangements are made for pick up when the completed property inventory form(s) and TMA Work Request is received in the Facilities, Operations & Maintenance department.


A TMA work request is needed for all property pickup and delivery.

Surplus property is held at least 30 days to allow any department at Texas Tech, as well as any state agency, the opportunity to request for their use whatever state property is needed. Arrangements can be made with Facilities to see surplus property available. The Facilities, Operations & Maintenance department will initiate the transfer form for the department or agency. A department is charged for state property transferred from surplus, which is at the same rate as stated in paragraph two.

The Property Manager periodically sets a date for a public auction for surplus property on hand, with the exception of computer and computer related items, which are donated to Texas Correctional Institute.

For further help and questions contact:

Samuel Chanjaplammootil
432-335-5281 fax