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Research Advisory Committee

The Research Advisory Committee serves as the standing committee of faculty and staff to foster, promote and assess research endeavors.
Specific activities include:

  • Assisting in scientific evaluation of IRB proposals
  • Evaluating grants and advising the Regional Dean on Internal/External Funding
  • Organizing the SOM Research Days. (i.e. identifying podium presenters, event dates, other activities)
  • Evaluating SOM research policies as needed and making recommendations to these documents
  • Fostering activities and identifying individuals that will increase the school's research profile throughout all TTUHSC campuses and local/international collaborations (i.e. workshops, research seminars, speakers, retreats or other structured activities)
  • Engaging in the facilitation of extramural funding and evaluation of research productivity of the faculty
  • Fostering collaboration between TTUHSC at the Permian Basin and the University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Meetings take place the third Friday of each month, for copies of meeting minutes, please contact Dr. Natalia Schlabritz-Lutsevich

To view videos of an individual discusses their research interests, click on "video" below an individual's name.  



Dr. Natalia Schlabritz-Lutsevich                               Craig Spellman                                Erik Wilkinson

                   Natalia                                           Craig Spellman, Ph.D., D.O.                               Erik Wilkinson, M.L.S.
Schlabritz-Lutsevich, M.D., Ph.D.                              video
 (Founding Committee Chair)
Bobby Jain                          Dr. Bhargavi Kola                           John Buer
        Bobby Jain, M.D.                                              Bhargavi Kola, M.D.                                          John Bauer, M.D.
Babatunde Jinadu                     Ailena Mulkey, RN, CCRC                           Maira Carrillo, Ph.D.
Babatunde Jinadu, M.D.                                Ailena Mulkey, RN, CCRC                             Maira Carrillo, Ph.D.
Lavi Oud                  Vani Selvan                   Rama Chemitiganti
            Lavi Oud, M.D.                                                 Vani Selvan, M.D.                             Rama Chemitiganti, M.D.
 James Maher                    Kushal Gandhi                     Dr. Arpita Vyas
            James Maher, M.D.                                     Kushal Gandhi, Ph.D.                                       Arpita Vyas, M.D.         
 Katherine Shreyder                       Kanwarjeet Brar, M.D.                  Dinesh Gowda, M.D.
     Katherine Shreyder, M.D.                            Kanwarjeet Brar, M.D.                                       Dinesh Gowda, M.D.
                                                                                                                                                              non-voting member
Zeeshan Mansuri, M.D.
       Zeeshan Mansuri, M.D.
          non-voting member