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Internal Medicine Patient Information

Texas Tech Physicians of the Permian Basin
Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with adults and their medical problems, often those of a more serious nature.  Technically the name for this type of physician is an internist, also sometimes termed a diagnostician, but not to be confused with an intern who is a doctor in the first year of training after medical school.  General internists are primary care physicians who treat the whole person.  An Internal Medicine physician may further subspecialize, with additional training and more experience in a specific field: for example, cardiologists & heart disease; endocrinologists & diabetes, thyroid, and other hormonal problems; pulmonologists & lung disease; nephrologists & kidney problems.  An important part of an internist's role in an academic setting such as ours is to teach and train students and resident-doctors to become internists.

You have a personal primary care physician here.  "Texas Tech" is not your doctor.  However, in an educational setting the faculty and resident-physicians have other duties, such as hospital responsibilities, teaching, research, and administration, besides just patient care in the outpatient setting.  Therefore, unlike a typical private practitioner, an individual physician at Texas Tech is not likely to be in the office all day every day.  To make up for this we work as a team.  There is always a doctor in our outpatient center to care for your needs, with your personal medical chart available.

You are encouraged to ask your nurse and physician any questions on your mind regarding your medical care. 

Service to Our Patients

  1. Texas Tech Physicians of the Permian Basin and our Department of Internal Medicine operate clinics in both Odessa and Midland.  We are making a new commitment to patient access and service.  This includes friendly, compassionate, attentive care at every level, the front desk, nurses, physicians, and business office.
  2. Part of this effort involves decreasing your waiting time, the number one complaint about physicians' offices nationwide.  We will strive to be on time for your appointment.  You can help us and other patients by also coming on time and making sure the receptionist knows you are present.  For example, if you are late for an early afternoon appointment, we are faced with choosing between spending less time with you or being late for every other patient's appointment the rest of the day.
  3. New patients actually need to come 30 minutes prior to their appointment time with the doctor in order to complete needed business and medical information paperwork.
  4. If you have to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please try to give us 24 hours notice, and more if possible.
  5. You will be asked to pay your bill at the time of service.  We will bill your insurance for you.  If you have any questions regarding your account balance, you may have to discuss this with our business office staff.
  6. In a true emergency, call 911.  Under normal circumstances or for an urgent need short of an emergency, call the Odessa Clinic (main campus) at 432-703-5507or the Midland Clinic at 432-620-5800.
    a.  From 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday, our office staff will assist you.
    b.  After hours you will reach our answering service.  Please leave a message so that your call may be returned.  If you do not hear from us within 15 minutes, please call again.
  7. During winter months inclement weather may cause office closings.  Call the Odessa Clinic (main campus) at 432-703-5507 or the Midland Clinic at 432-620-5800 to make sure we are open during these weather events.
  8. Unless your insurance plan required otherwise, we use Medical Center Hospital in Odessa and Midland Memorial Hospital for your inpatient hospital care.
  9. If you have test(s) (lab, x-ray, EKG, etc.) ordered, the results will be discussed with you at the next office visit.  Please do not call the clinic inquiring about your results.  If there is a reason to discuss your test(s) results prior to your next visit, you will be contacted.
  10. Should you need a prescription refill, contact your pharmacy at least one week before you need your refill.  Please do not call the clinics for prescription refills as orders may take at least 3 -5 days to be processed in the clinic.


Clinic Locations:

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Odessa Clinic
701 W. 5th Street
Odessa, TX 79763


Texas Tech Physicians of Midland
301 North N Street
Midland, TX 79701