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Student Clerkship

Reading Assignment / Textbook

The text that is recommended and loaned to you is:

Obstetrics & Gynecology, 6th Ed., by Beckmann, Ling,

Also, provided is a weekly reading assignment.  These assignments are out of the above textbook.  Each week you will be tested over this material.  These quizzes are used as a teaching tool to identify areas of weakness in your studies.  It is important to review the textbook prior to using the review guide.  The OB/Gyn service at the Permian Basin is a very busy and demanding program in comparison to other clinical rotations.

SYLLABUS:  Third year rotation in OB/GYN

Course Description:  This course is an introduction into the various components of woman's health care, which includes a visit into the areas of reproductive medicine, high risk obstetrics, gynecological oncology, pelvic reconstructive surgery and gynecological laparoscopy.

Course prerequisite:  Completed first two years of medical school.

Course Learning Objective:  Specific learning objectives for this course are listed at the beginning of each chapter in the text.  A broad objective of this course is to provide the third year medical with an opportunity to research pertinent OB/GYN topics as covered in the text and presented in specific clinical situations or scenarios.  In doing so, each student will be required to express him/her self orally and in writing.  As such, the student will learn how to think critically about obstetrical and gynecological situations and develop rational plans for the implementation of specific treatment options.  Another objective is to provide an adequate clinical experience in the field of OB/GYN by allowing for a balanced exposure to the different clinical and surgical areas of obstetrics and gynecology.  Hopefully, each student will be able to make the transition from theory to practice; taking the knowledge learned in the didactic sessions and applying it to the clinical world in a supervised manner.

Course Requirements:  You are expected to attend all scheduled meetings.  You must be prepared for all lecture sessions by reading chapters before lecture in order to take an active part in the discussion.  You may be required by individual faculty members or residents to take an active part during morning report.  Please read the medical literature to understand and support you assignments well.  Every you will meet with faculty and make a formal presentation on a case that has interested you and you must include current articles to support or disagree with the treatment plan.  Also on Fridays with a Faculty member to discuss reading material for that week and turn in a quiz over the reading assignments.

You must attend and be on time at all of your designated working areas.  It is your responsibility during the gynecology rotation to confirm the time of the surgical cases scheduled for the next day.  Medical students will participate actively during morning report and will round on patients.  All students will be evaluated by the residents and the faculty on exiting the rotation.  They must also complete an evaluation of the attending physicians, the residents and the overall performance of the rotation including the clerkship director's functions.

Progress Notes:  You will be required to write a minimum of 10 Progress Notes during your rotation.  Five will be on an obstetric patient and five on a gynecological patient.  You must have them read and cosigned by a resident or faculty the day the note is written.  Your Progress Notes do not go into patient records; they must be turned in to the Clerkship Coordinator at the end of rotation. 

Clerkship Rotation will provide lectures that will cover an entire text book in 8 weeks, a case presentation, a cultural awareness project, a NBME subject exam, OSCE case and the following clinical experience:

  • 2 weeks of Labor and Delivery with Night Float
  • 2 weeks of Gynecology clinic visits and hospital procedures
  • 2 weeks of clinics including:  High Risk OB, Uro Gynecology, Colposcopy,. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, and Continuity clinics in OB/GYN

The integrity of the medical profession depends on the integrity of the work done by each individual medical student to achieve his / her degree.  Strive for the best, be dependable, careful and self-discipline, but even more important sensitive, flexible, creative and curious.  Good luck!