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Resident Rotations


PGY-1 Low Risk Obstetrics 4 Months
  Gynecology 5 Months
  Sonography 2 Months
  Emergency Room 1 Month
PGY-II High Risk Obstetrics 4 Months
  Gynecology 4 Months
  Midland - obstetrics and gynecology 4 Months
PGY-III Gynecologic Oncology* 4.5 Months
  Reproductive Endocrinology/Urogynecology 4 Months
  Midland 3.5 Month
PGY-IV Chief Resident - Obstetrics 4 Months
  Chief Resident - Gynecology 4 Months
  Gynecologic Oncology* 1 Month
  Elective 3 months
*One of these months is spent in Dallas, Texas, at the Baylor Medical Center.