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Department of Psychiatry


The recently organized Department of Psychiatry is a small but dynamic department on this campus.  The department supports the residency training programs in other academic departments by providing training and experience in the recognition and management of psychological distress and psychiatric illness.  The department offers direct clinical services to the community through the Departments of Internal Medicine and Family Medicine, as well as, the Veterans Administration Medical Center located at the Tanglewood Clinic.  The faculty in the department a diverse array of services in a caring, confidential, and collegial environment, with special expertise in the areas of marital and family counseling, cognitive and behavioral therapy, employee assistance programs, and educational diagnostic assessments in children.  The partnership between the practices of public sector and academic psychiatry allows an excellent training experience for residents in Psychiatry.  There is also opportunity for studies that support the delivery of evidence-based clinical practices and inform public policy in assuring the care and well-being of persons with serious and persistent mental illness.