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Psychiatry Residency Program


PGY-2 Residents


   Dr. Qureshi         Dr. Brar            Dr. Patel         Dr. Mansuri 

   Mustafa Qureshi, MD                      Brar Kjs, MD                               Hiren Patel, MD                        Zeeshan Mansuri, MD




   Jigar Patel, MD           Ritvij Satodiya, MD           Babak Akbarian, MD            Shahzad Choudhry, MD

    Jigar Patel, MD                            Ritvij Satodiya, MD                   Babak Akbarian, MD            Shahzad Choudhry, MD

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Welcome to Psychiatry Residency at TTUHSC at the Permian Basin!  Residency is an adventure and you are fortunate to be embarking on this new phase of your life.  Residency is complicated and challenging, but it’s also a once in a life time adventure and a unique experience!

Your success in residency depends in large part on your motivation, your ability to be organized and your attention to important details, in addition to your clinical know-how. 

Our major goal is to provide an outstanding, well-structured training in psychiatry.  The program is geared toward providing the most comprehensive experience possible for our residents.  We aim to teach our residents biological, psychological and sociocultural aspects of our field.  We will also provide training in biological, psychotherapeutic and interventional treatment modalities.  

This Residency site is intended to give you a brief overview of the program, including the clinical sites, curriculum, research opportunities, etc.  Please read carefully as it is designed to make life in residency go smoothly to help you to avoid pitfalls and problems. 

 I wish you all the best in your residency training and look forward to getting to know you.

Bobby Jain, M.D.
Regional Program Director