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Dinesh Vyas, M.D. – Director of Research
·         Oncosepsis
·         Nanomedicine and proteasome inhibitor research
·         Rural Trauma
Selected Bibliography
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Please see Dr. Vyas’ Full CV for the rest of his research accomplishments
Neal Ellis, M.D. – Chair
·         Hernia surgery
·         Genetics of cancer
·         Minimally invasive surgery
Selected Bibliography
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Please see Dr. Ellis’ Full CV for the rest of his research accomplishments
Valerie Bauer, M.D.
·         Surgical Quality
·         Rectal Cancer
Selected Bibliography
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Curriculum Vitae
Valerie Papaconstantinou-Bauer, MD
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Please see Dr. Bauer’s Full CV for the rest of his research accomplishments
Saju Joseph, M.D.
·         Pancreatico-biliary surgery
Selected Bibliography
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Please see Dr. Saju’s Full CV for the rest of his research accomplishments
John Bauer, M.D.
·         Breast Reduction
·         Massive weight Loss
·         Wound healing
·         Resident and Student Education
·         Patient Safety
Selected Bibliography
1. Bauer, J.D., Phillips, L.G. The American Board of Plastic Surgery Inc. MOC – PS
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Please see Dr. Bauer’s Full CV for the rest of his research accomplishments