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Our mission is to provide business operations support and oversight of the Physical Plant divisions’ various business operations. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations in support of HSC goals. Physical Plant Business Services (PPBS) consists of four core functional areas: Finance, CMMS Administration, Work Control Lubbock, and Purchasing/Stores Lubbock.

Core Functions


We serve as the division’s liaisons with the central departments of Finance and Administration. We provide analysis and support of Physical Plant finances including:

  • Account review/oversight, monitoring, and reporting/auditing
  • Fund and budget creation
  • Project finance support
  • Annual division-wide budgeting
  • Service account billing
  • Finance and personnel statistics reporting

CMMS Administration

We serve as the administrators of the Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) for the entire division:

  • WebTMA support and server administration
  • Modify system and reports as needed
  • Provide customer support and training
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting of maintenance data

Work Control Lubbock

We serve as the support office for Lubbock Plant Ops in the following aspects:

  • Provide customer phone support for Lubbock campus maintenance operations
  • Perform maintenance billing functions
  • WebTMA work order creation and status reporting

Purchasing/Stores Lubbock

We serve as the inventory and acquisition support function including the following:

  • Lubbock Plant Ops parts and supply procurement, acquisition, and supply/storage
  • Local parts and materials pick-up
  • Purchasing arm of PPBS – providing various acquisition services via the HSC procurement methods including TechBuy orders, P-card, and bidding
  • Lubbock Plant Ops tools storage and control

Office Information

TTUHSC Physical Plant Business Services
3601 4th Street STOP 9422
Suite BA121
Lubbock, TX 79430-9422