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Interprofessional Ambassadors


To collaborate interprofessionally in promoting a training environment that will enhance quality healthcare and improve patient outcomes. We aim to achieve this by upholding the qualities of teamwork, communication, and understanding between the professions of health care.

Why Interprofessional Ambassadors:

The Institute of Medicine has identified interprofessional teamwork as one of the core competencies needed for health professionals to be effective in the 21st century. As you pursue your studies at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC), Interprofessional Ambassadors will inform and assist you with opportunities to learn more about interprofessional teamwork and how your knowledge will help you to be a better practitioner that provides high-quality care and safety to your patients. TTUHSC strives to unite students on a personal level that will flow into the professional relationship not only to make working more enjoyable but to better patient outcomes.


Will be provided to enhance opportunities to communicate with other disciplines at TTUHSC. Each semester, luncheons will occur on campus with guest speakers of various areas of medicine to address how teamwork between disciplines has helped the goals of patient care. Other activities on and off campus will promote interaction and socialization among students.


Scheduled IPA Activities 2013-2014

September (2 weeks after all return)
    Educational Meeting - IPA Sponsored - All members meeting (TechLinked)


October 2013
    Social Event - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus


November 2013

     Fundraiser Event - IPA Sponsored
    Social Event - IPA Sponsored
    SaveMyHeart Challenge - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus


December 2013

    Educational Meeting - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus  


January 2014

    Educational Meeting - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus


February 2014

    Social Event - IPA Sponsored
    Fundraiser Event - IPA Sponsored
    SaveMyHeart Challenge - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus


March 2014

    Student Research Week
    CLARION TTUHSC Regional Competition
    Social Event - IPA Sponsored - Lubbock Campus


April 2014

    Education and Transitional Meeting - IPA Sponsored - All members meeting (TechLinked)


May 2014

    Interprofessional Student Recognition of Excellence and Awards Celebration - IPA, SGA, Office of Student Services, and QEP Sponsored
-IPA hosts a social event in which students from each of the five schools come together to celebrate the end-of-the-year. Recognition of TTUHSC student achievements throughout the current academic year is commemorated. This is a wonderful opportunity to socialize with fellow TTUHSC students and to celebrate each other's achievements. The event is open to all TTUHSC students, faculty and guests.


QEP Sponsored Events Promoting Interprofessionalism

Fall and Spring Semesters - CLARION Case Study Competition - Curriculum (Credit and Non-Credit) - QEP Sponsored

    The CLARION competition, sponsored by the University of Minnesota, focuses on the processional development of health care students and includes lessons in leadership, teamwork, communication, analytical reasoning, conflict-resolution, and business practices. Participation in CLARION leads students to a more sophisticated understanding of the health care system in which they will practice. Students from all campuses compete to represent the TTUHSC each year at the National Competition. The team selected receives recognition and an all expense paid trip to the competition. Students must register each semester to participate.

Fall Course - This is an online enhanced course that meets five to seven times in the semester face-to-face at one of the campus simulation labs. Lecutres and guest speakers are TechLinked. Course dates TBA, begins mid September.
Early December - Team Identification for National Competition for Spring Course

Spring Course - Students apply skills learned in Fall Course to resolve 2014 CLARION National Case Study
Mid-January - Release of National Competition Case Study
Mid-March - TTUHSC Regional Competition, a campus-wide competition in Lubbock

Mid-April - National Competition in Mineapolis, Minnesota

September 6 and 7, 2013 - Spiritech Health Raiders - QEP Sponsored

    This event is an interprofessional team building experience for incoming students of all schools and requires a RSVP to a mass email invitation. Space to participated is very limited and is on a first-come-first-served basis. Students enjoy an opportunity to socialize and learn team skills in a non-health care related environment.

Spirit Ranch, 701 Regis St., Lubbock, Texas
Sept. 6: (evening) - Dinner and scavenger hunt
Sept. 7 (all day) - Team building activities

October 25, 2013 Fall Symposium - QEP Activity
    This all day conference is an annual event that is open to faculty, staff and student with a special student focus in the afternoon. This year's keynote "Teamwork and Communication at the Extreme Edge" is presented by climber, author, and international speaker Jim Davidson. Presentations are TechLinked to all campuses.


Activities we assisted with in 2012:

Council Members:

Head Ambassador Officer - Alaric Nielson, SoP

Education Events Planner Officer - Courtney Oyerbides, SoN

Fundraising Coordinator Officer - Dhyanesh Patel, GSBS

Health Awareness Chair Officer - Adrian Mulig, SoN

Historian Officer - Anh Hoang Huynh, SoP

Media & Marketing Officer - James Murchison, SoM

Media & Marketing Liaison - Justin Bishop, SoM

Social Events Planner Officer - Jessica Garza, SoP

Social Events Planner Liaison - Aubirday Jordan, SoN

Treasure Officer - Michael Song, GSBS

Volunteer Chair Officer - Sarah Marischen, SoAHS

Volunteer Chair Liaison - Michael de Leon, SoM

Academic Advisors:

Dr. Tedd Mitchell, MD, President-General

Dr. Cindy Acton, DNP, RN, NEA-BC - QEP

Margret Duran - Asst. VP of Student Services

Dr. Lissa Popp, GSBS

Dr. Nathan Burgess, SoAHS

Dr. Bettina Schmitz, SoM

Ann Hagstrom, SoN

Dr. Minh Hong, SoP

Founded in 2012 by:

Meera Subash - SoM

Lauren Swartz - SoM

Madeline Lennard - SoN

Janae Posey - SoN

Paul Gonzales - SoN

Romelia Contreras - SoN

John Whitney - SoM

Trey Seritch - SoM

Intital Funding Sponsored by: Dr. Thomas McGovern, Ed.D

Initial Staff Support given by:

Dr. Bettina Schmitz, MD, PhD, DEAA

Dr. Cindy Acton, DNP, RN, NEA-BC

Dr. Sharon Decker, RN, CS, PhD, CCRN

IPA is Endorsed by: