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Being a part of two different but associated institutions made us realize the need for an organization that connected the gap between both schools. We found many areas that needed to be addressed such as scheduling and financial aid. Our experiences have taught us what we need to do to be successful in both schools, and we hope to share this information with those around us. Additionally, there is a growing need for healthcare employees on every level to understand the world of business. We hope to connect students to the information they need to do well in both medicine and business. In time, we hope to grow a network of MD/MBAs that will allow our organization to connect to many different aspects of healthcare and business all around the United States. This organization was founded in 2010 by students with a understanding of this need and a dream to be pioneers in this new and growing field.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide MD/MBA students connections through all organizations within the Texas Tech System as well as around the United States.

Vision Statement

The MD/MBA Association focuses on improving the experience of MD/MBA students at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In order to attain this goal, the Association will provide information to students at each stage of the MD/MBA experience including applicants, current students, and alumni. Help current students find fulfilling internship opportunities to fulfill program requirements. Provide a network for MD/MBA alumni and students to enhance the education and create opportunities. Increase healthcare business exposure for local physicians and MD students. Aid Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in raising funds for future MD/MBA scholarships to promote the MD/MBA program to future students. Create and strengthen relationships with national MD/MBA associations.

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