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Texas Tech MD MBA Association Constitution

Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Texas Tech MD/MBA Association. The Texas Tech MD/MBA Association will also be known as TTMMA.

Article II: Purpose

The MD/MBA Association focuses on improving the experience of MD/MBA students at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In order to attain this goal, the Association will:

A.   Provide information to students at each stage of the MD/MBA experience including applicants, current students, and alumni.
B.   Help current students find fulfilling internship opportunities to fulfill program requirements.
C.   Provide a network for MD/MBA alumni and students to enhance the education and create opportunities.
D.   Increase healthcare business exposure for local physicians and MD students.
E.   Aid Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in raising funds for future MD/MBA scholarships to promote the MD/MBA program to future students.
F.   Create and strengthen relationships with national MD/MBA associations.

Article III: Members

Regular Members will be defined as those students who have an active interest in the MD/MBA program or have an active interest in medically related business practices and principles and have paid their yearly dues. Dues will be determined by a majority vote of the board of directors of the previous year’s club. Voting will be held by a simple two-thirds majority vote where a majority of the board is present. Board members not present will relinquish their right to vote on the matter at hand unless absentee voting is approved by the board for the matter at hand. If the vote ends in a tie, the president will have the deciding vote regarding dues.
Honorary Members will be defined as those individuals of exceptional status who are considered and approved by the board of directors to become honorary members. Approval by the board will be constituted by a two thirds majority vote. Voting will be held by a simple hand raising at a meeting where a majority of the board is present. If a majority is not achieved, a prospective honorary member can be reintroduced three times per year. Board members not present will relinquish their right to vote on the matter at hand unless absentee voting is approved by the board for the matter at hand.

Article IV: Executive Officers and Board Members

The officers and board members provide guidance, direction and leadership in promoting the objectives of the association as stated in the Constitution. No chapter is better than its leadership; capable, sincere, and responsible officers who are willing to work are essential for an active, progressive chapter. Officer positions and board member positions are held for a term of one year.

The following is an outline of principal duties associated with the primary chapter leadership positions.

General Requirements of All TTMMA Officers and Board Members

A.  All officers must be current students in good standing with the TTUHSC.
B.  Officers will be relieved of position if these requirements are not maintained
C.  As new officers are taking office, the departing officer must meet with the incoming ones to discuss the responsibilities and pass over any needed materials

General Duties of Officers and Board Members

All officers must attend ALL officer and general MEETINGS. Any exception must be cleared through the chapter President.
All officers must perform their duties as stated in this constitution.
All officers are responsible for keeping track of the dates, times, and location of all scheduled TTMMA meetings and events.
ALL officers MUST commit to AT LEAST one hour to each of the chapter’s events which include, but are not limited to:

Volunteer events
Social events
Business seminars

All officers are required to check email regularly.
Officers will be relieved of position if these requirements and duties are not maintained

Hierarchy of Officers

The Board (7 members) à President à Vice President à Treasurer


The Board

The Board of Directors of TTMMA is responsible for organizing and implementing all projects and actions of the association. It is responsible for the election of the executive officers and the appointments of various committees. The board will consist of seven seats, three of which will be held by executive officers.



The leadership of the President is a key element in chapter success. The President serves as a mentor for other officers and is responsible for chapter functions including the following:

A.  Preside over board meetings
B.  Initiation of new members, including honorary (local) members.
C.  Initiation and development of chapter programs and activities.
D.  Appointment of committees to carry out chapter functions.
E.  Presides over general and officer meetings
F.  Determines that other chapter officers and committees perform their duties in a satisfactory manner.
G.  Election and induction of new officers


Vice President

The functions of the Vice President include:

A.  Functions in the absence of the President and assist President in various duties of the organization
B.  Serves as the individual whom the President can delegate to function in special circumstances, i.e. formulate ad hoc committees, coordinate special projects, etc.
C.  Responsible for all emails and correspondence about announcements and event information to all members



The Treasurer has the responsibility of conducting the chapter’s financial business. This officer handles outgoing and incoming payments and is responsible for ensuring a balanced yearly budget. It is important for there to be a good annual “hand off” from former treasurer to new treasurer.

A.  Maintains an accurate account of all financial transactions for the permanent records of the chapter,
B.  Collects all membership fees and chapter dues utilizing receipt book and pays all expenses.
C.  The Financial Records should be reviewed at the end of the Treasurer's termof office by a committee consisting of themselves, the Vice President and a board member.
D.  Clears signatures and title of chapter account with appropriate bank or college/university officials as soon as a new Treasurer is elected and installed, so that checks can be processed without delay.
E.  Financial update at every officer meeting, to include account balance and large expenditures
F.  Presides over fundraising committee


Article V: Election Procedure and Office Terms

A.  Voting shall take place via paper ballot during a specific voting meeting held in May. Voting shall be conducted by the out-going president. In the absence of the out-going president, the vice president and treasurer will conduct voting in that hierarchy. The faculty advisor will conduct voting in the event that the current president, vice president, treasurer and board members are unavailable.
B.  TTMMA will consist of a board that directs all actions of the association. The board will be elected by the general membership in the following manner:
  1. Individuals shall submit their names for candidacy.
  2. These names will then be voted upon by the members of the association via paper ballot.
  3. Each member will have seven votes and will circle seven names.
  4. The candidates with the majority votes will be the future board members.
  5. In the event that there is a tie, there will be a runoff election of the tied candidates. The runoff will be conducted by giving each member the total number of runoff candidates minus one votes so that one candidate will be elected. For example, if three candidates tie for two positions there will be a runoff election in which all three names will be on the ballot but each member will only have two votes. Then the two candidates with the most votes will be elected. This process will be continued until all seven members are elected.
C.  TTMMA executive officers will consist of a President, Vice President and Treasurer who will be elected by the board from newly elected board members.
  1. Campaigning is limited to the executive officers candidates in a board meeting context. The following activities are approved for campaigns:
    1. President - 5 minute speech per candidate, with a question and answer session if needed.
    2. Vice President – 3 minute speech per candidate with a question and answer session if needed.
    3. Treasure – 3 minute speech per candidate with a question and answer session if needed.
    4. All positions – if made available to the current president, a written bio-sketch <250words will be distributed to membership and board via electronic mail 5 days prior to the election or nomination.
D.  Elections of Executive Officers:
E.  All Board Members must be present at the specific voting board meeting in order to vote. Each member may cast a single vote for each position or abstain from voting.
F.  The candidate that receives the absolute majority vote will be declared the winner. Run-off elections will be conducted until an absolute majority is achieved.
G.  For each year following the initial appointment of officers and board members in 2010, officers will be appointed by the board and announced no later than the last week of May. The board will only accept nominations from the board to be executive officers. In other words, to be an executive officer one must be part of the board.
H.  The term of the office shall begin at the beginning of the academic school year for 1st and 2nd year students of TTUHSC SOM and shall continue until the beginning of the next year.

Nominees of the Executive Board must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be interested in an MD/MBA degree, or have significant business experience, voted acceptable by the board.
  2. Must have attended 75% of all meetings in the fall and spring semesters prior to elections.

Vacancies in the executive board will be filled by a member appointed by the Executive Board in a majority vote.

The starting board of TTMMA will consist of those that helped with the initiation of the association. Therefore the board will originally consist of 13 members. After the first election hosted in May, the board will consist of 7 members.

Article VI: Meetings

A.  A mandatory meeting shall occur monthly for the board and executive officers determined by the schedule of the board and executive officers. This meeting can be canceled, delayed or changed by a majority vote of the members involved.
B.  A mandatory meeting will take place monthly to update the TTUHSC advisor of past events and to discuss future Association involvement at the discretion of the advisor. This will take place between the advisor liaison and between the TTUHSC advisor as determined by the advisor’s schedule.
C.  Optional meetings shall take place twice a semester to discuss events, projects and ideas involving the association. This meeting will be for all members.
D.  Special meetings involving the executive officers and board involving ideas, events, projects and etc. may be called at the president’s discretion. The purpose of these meetings would be to discuss time sensitive material.

Article VII: Relationships

The MD/MBA Association plans to become associated with a national MD/MBA organization.

Article VIII: Activities

A.  Annual involvement in the national MD/MBA conference.
B.  Service
C.  Medically Related Business Projects
D.  To be Determined

Article IX: Committees

A.  Community Service
B.  Internships
  1. Manage internship database and contacts for internship opportunities
C.  Fundraising
  1. Fund-raise for our organization so we can host events and help fund for scholarship
D.  Medically Related Business Outreach Programs
  1. Host periodic business seminars for TTUHSC students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.
E.  Alumni Relations
  1. Maintain alumni database, plan networking events, and maintain communication with alumni

Article X: Amendments

A.  An amendment resolution must be presented to the board of directors stating amendments and citing reasons.
B.  The executive board shall discuss the proposed amendment.
C.  Only a unanimous vote by the executive board shall amend the constitution.
D.  If the amendment is approved, the Vice President shall carry out the constitutional amendment and submit new copies to the appropriate personnel including time and date of adoption.

Article XI: Advisor

A.  The advisor for TTMMA is critical to the success of the association and needs to be an individual with significant medically related business experience.
B.  The advisor will be expected to give advice, monitor and guide the association as it grows and develops.

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