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Curtis Sarah
Curtis Sarah


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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the upkeep of all facilities and its infrastructure with the end goal of meeting the vision of the TTUHSC. We strive to keep our campus buildings and building systems running optimally to provide the best environment for teaching, patient care and research.  

Work Orders (WebTMA)

The physical plant uses a CMMS called WebTMA to turn in work requests, track projects, work orders and their costs. Each department should have three designated requestors to turn in work requests. If you need to know the designated requestors or add more requestors please contact us. If you have any service requests or routine work orders to turn in, please call the number above or contact your designated requestor. 

Facilities can provide departments with estimated cost quotes for any work above and beyond normal routine maintenance.  

Please let us know if you see any damages to the facility so that we can bring the facilities up to standards. To access WebTMA please click here for the WebTMA login link. 


Projects on the Amarillo Campus are worked in cooperation with Planning Design and Construction, which works via the Lubbock Physical Plant.  Their responsibility is to provide technical and managerial expertise for assigned TTUHSC facility projects. Services include contract negotiations, resource management, code review and project accounting. Additionally, departmental personnel review all new construction plans to ensure they meet or exceed current building codes, TAS standards and other state and local requirements.  

Once a request is submitted the Assistant Vice President for Physical Plant and Support Services makes a determination to assign a Lubbock Project Manager or manage the project locally via Amarillo Facilities Operations and Maintenance.  Regardless of the delivery method the standards and requirements for delivery remain the same.  

To begin the process please submit a work order so that Facilities Operations and Maintenance can evaluate your specific need; then if determined to be in the scope of a needed project you will be directed to submit an official New Construction Request Form with any and all supporting documentation.