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Lock Shop


T: 806-414-9670

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to the upkeep of all facilities doors and its hardware for the safety and security of the students, faculty, staff and visitors of the TTUHSC.

Work Orders (WebTMA)

 The physical plant uses a CMMS called WebTMA to turn in work requests, track projects, work orders and their costs. Each department should have three designated requestors to turn in work requests. If you need to know the designated requestors or add more requestors please contact us. Doors and its hardware includes the door, hinges, latches, closures, levers and strike plates. If you have any service requests or routine work orders to turn in, please call the number above or contact your designated requestor.

The lock shop can provide departments with estimated cost quotes for any work above and beyond normal routine maintenance.  

Please let us know if you see any needed maintenance of door hardware in the facility so that we can keep the facilities safe and operational to original design standards. To access WebTMA please click here for the WebTMA login link.

Key Request/Lost or Stolen Keys

All issued keys are per request and approval in compliance with the TTUHSC Operating Policies and Procedures.  They are for the sole use of the person who the key has been issued.   It is required by policy that all lost or stolen keys are reported immediately.  Please find below the link to the key request form and the link to the lost or stolen key form.