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Welcome Students

Welcome to the MSIV Geriatrics Rotation.  We look forward to having you on our service as  part of the team.  Geriatricians do what they do because they love the field.  The goal of this 2-week rotation is to provide you with a strong educational  base within the field and for you to appreciate why we enjoy what we do.  Geriatrics utilizes strong cognitive and clinical skills; not only is it intellectually challenging, but it also reminds us that we are interacting with human beings and not just cases.  Each person we see had a a wealth of stories that many will share and a few will keep silent , but all and all each person we see has a lifetime of joy and heartaches.  Many we encounter are still full of like and vigor, but some have accepted that they have a had a good fulfilling life and take life day by day.  It is our desire that you see the entire spectrum of aging: pathological aging as well as healthy aging.  We have developed invaluable relationships not only with many of our patients, but also developed them with other members of their family, whether it be a as a patient, caregiver, or someone who wants to share family milestones with you such as the announcement of the birth of the first grandchild, or the graduation of that grandchild.

Our Philosophy

Geriatric medicine is focused on maintaining the patient's dignity, independence, self-worth, and good health.  There are several principles to keep in mind:  1) we look closely at options and alternatives to attempt to come to the best decisions, 2) fundamentally, best decisions are best grounded when patients and the family are well informed regarding risks and benefits and understand the potential outcomes of their medical decision, 3) we embrace the concept that "no man is an island" and welcome the expertise within interdisciplinary teams to provide optimal care for the patient.

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