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American Board of Pediatrics Certification Examination Pass Rate for Texas Tech University in Amarillo

The ABP informed us that 8 of 8 graduates passed the 2012 General Pediatrics Certification Examination. There is a 100% pass rate for the past two years. For the past three years, 12/14 test takers passed on first attempt which reflects an 86% pass rate over a three year period. This number is published on the ABP website. 

The American Board of Pediatrics In-Training Examination (ISTE) is a  "Pre-Test" used to evaluate the medical knowledge of pediatric residents. The examination consists of 200 questions. PL1 residents usually score around 150, PL2 residents usually score around 240 and PL3 residents score around 335. In 2010, we  instituted changes to our curriculum and began to administer a local ISTE at TTU. The second graph shows the scores for 2007 PL1 (Red), 2008 PL1 (Blue)and 2009 (Green)PL1 cohorts. The Black line shows the national average. The red line shows a plateau during the third year of residency before the local ISTE for the red cohort. An increase in the scores of the 2008 cohort (Blue) in their third year of training after the institution of the ISTE. The “Green” cohort has always had the local ISTE and this group has scored above the national average in their second and third year of residency.