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Summary of Benefits

The stipends for residents at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center are consistent with other medical centers in the Southwest area and may undergo adjustments each year. Stipends are currently $750 per year and may be used for books or for the Advanced and Basic Board examinations. In addition, financial support is available for outside rotations including Dallas Children's.

More information as to TTUHSC Resident Salaries and other information can be obtained via the Office of Graduate Medical Education

Medical and Dental Insurance

Medical Insurance is provided for graduate trainees and their dependents. Insurance is provided through the University and includes major medical and special hospital allowances, which provide additional coverage for maternity and out-patient care.

Dental insurance is available for graduate trainees and their eligible dependents.

Other Benefits

Lab Coats, laundry service, and Residents are given $120 per month credit for the hospital cafeteria. 

Continuing Medical Education

As listed above, each resident is provided with a $750 per year stipend which may be used either for travel or books. However, the department sponsors all expenses for additional meetings if residents are presenting papers or posters. Residents are also able to attend the Annual Pain Symposium held in Lubbock and sponsored by the Department of Anesthesiology. One Senior and One Junior resident are also selected each fall to attend the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists Annual meeting. 


Interns and CA-1 residents are able to take 15 days of vacation per year. The CA-2 and CA-3 residents are given 20 days of vacation per year. This is in addition to the five days of Educational leave which is allowed for attendance to a professional meeting.