Associate Professor of Cell Physiology & Molecular Biophysics 
Adjunct faculty of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at Texas Tech University


Department of Cell Physiology and Molecular Biophysics    
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
3601 4th Street, STOP 6551
Lubbock, Texas 79430
Office Phone: (806) 743-1463
Office room: 5A169
FAX: (806) 743-1512


Research Interest:

Our research interest is in membrane biophysics and bioengineering, with a particular focus on understanding and controlling the recognition and transport across nanoscale membrane boundaries. Our long-term goal is to bridge biology with synthetic systems via materials discovery. We design synthetic materials to partake in live processes, and adapt biological functions to be used under a broad range of harsher, non-biological conditions. Examples of our current research projects include membrane protein functions in synthetic proteomembranes; membrane-active antimicrobials and biofilm mitigation; and nanoparticle-based, membrane-targeting theranostic platforms. Aided by a large array of structural and functional characterization tools including synchrotron small angle x-ray scattering, we develop new biological, chemical, and engineering approaches to understand membrane biophysics and exploit membrane-based bionanotechnology.

Selected Publications:


Positions Open:

The Liang lab has open positions for graduate students and post docs in the areas of membrane biophsics and bioengineering. Inquiries welcome.

Hongjun Liang

(806) 743 - 1463