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Residency Program Director Michael Phy, D.O.

I invite you to become acquainted with our education program for house officers at Texas Tech University School of Medicine in Lubbock, Texas. This web site describes the people, resources, facilities, and communities associated with our Internal Medicine residency program.

Excellence in medical care is the center of our philosophy for house staff education. We provide our residents with a comprehensive training environment, which fosters a spirit of inquiry and the desire to learn and share knowledge with one another.

Our Program Teaches
The critical components of the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic disease
A scholarly professional team approach to all patient care activities
The effective use of consultation for diagnosis and therapy
The basic correlations between the patient's clinical presentation and the underlying pathophysiology
The skills essential for effective self-education through critical reading and quality education conferences
The ability to critically evaluate one's own performance and practice
The skills to teach fellow residents and other health professionals as well as to educate patients about health promotion and disease prevention
Because the selection of a residency program is a major decision and requires careful consideration, we welcome the opportunity to provide any details about our program that would assist you in your decision-making process. We appreciate your interest in our house officer program and encourage you to visit with us to discuss residency opportunities at TTUHSC.

If you are interested in receiving more information, please email your request to Brandi McKinnon.

Michael Phy, D.O.
Residency Program Director