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Preface to SuccessTypes

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SuccessTypes book review


Who is it for?

  • SuccessTypes was written to increase academic performance.  It has been utilized by:
    • Medical students – maximize use of time
    • Undergraduate science majors – MCAT prep, course exams
    • High school students – SAT prep, course exams
    • Resident physicians – maximize use of study time
    • Teachers – influence of learning style on teaching

Why was it written?

  • Based on counseling approach that became increasingly effective.
  • Expanded to include a success strategy for any student
  • Explanation of learning style critical to effectiveness

How is it organized?

  • Each chapter draws on earlier chapters.
    • Part 1 lays down the theoretical underpinnings for the SuccessTypes method
    • Part 2 provides both examples and exercises to help you develop the thinking skills
    • Part 3 extends applications into stress management and personal growth.
  • The examples and exercises in Part 2 are drawn from the courses which are typically experienced early in the medical curriculum: Biochemistry, Histology, and Gross Anatomy.
  • Co-author, Dr. Bernell K. Dalley, former Course Director for Histology and for Gross Anatomy, has provided the examples and exercises in Histology and Gross Anatomy.

How is personality related to learning?

  • The mental functions which determine an individual’s psychological type also describe how that person prefers to process information and, thus, how he or she learns.
  • Preferences make a student’s learning style predictable and consistent.
  • Predictability and consistency in mental habits are fundamental properties of type.
  • Opens up a window of insight into your own strengths and potential strengths

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