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Basic Life Support


The TTUHSC Simulation Program offers Basic Life Support in two formats, classroom and eLearning (online). BLS is also offered in three locations, Abilene, Lubbock, and Odessa TTUHSC Campuses.

American Heart Association Basic Life Support is for current or future healthcare providers. Prior to the release of the 2015 AHA Guidelines, the Basic Life Support Course was known as Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers. As the differences between initial and renewal for BLS were very subtle, there is no longer a renewal course.

If you are not a current healthcare provider and do not have plans of pursuing a career in healthcare, it is recommended you take the HeartSaver CPR AED course.

Classroom Course

Classroom courses for BLS are offered on the following dates/times at the following locations:

Date Time Location Call to Schedule
October, 25 2017 9:00am Lubbock SimLife Center 806.743.2745

Please make payment arrangements prior to your course date. We accept checks and can also take a Visa and MasterCard in person or over the phone. We do not accept cash.

$50.00 - Initial/Renewal Classroom Course
$15.00 - Provider Manual

Classroom Course Prerequisites:

  • A BLS Provider manual is required for every course.
  • Participants are required to read the manual prior to the course
  • Payment

Manuals may be purchased from the Training Center at time of registration or provided by an employer. The purpose of the manual is to serve as a resource before, during, and after each course. Some retailers also offer the manual as an e-book.

Please make payment arrangements prior to your course date. We accept checks made out to TTUHSC and we can also take a Visa or MasterCard in person or over the phone. We also offer billing options for businesses.

eLearning (online)

The eLearning course for BLS is the same curriculum offered in the classroom setting. The eLearning Course is self-paced and allows participants the flexibility to complete the course on their own time, in as many sessions as needed. As such, eLearning is recommended when classroom courses are not available.

The eLearning consists of two parts. Part 1 is the self-paced online course. Part 2 is the skills testing which must be completed in person at the Training Center.

We understand that eLearning may not suit everyone’s learning style. We also don’t recommend it for the first time taking the course.

eLearning Course Cost

$30.00 -  AHA BLS Key Code (Part 1)
$35.00 -  Skills Testing (Part 2)

To register, please call 806.743.2745

Availability of Skills Testing Part 2- Voice Assisted Manikin

The Training Center utilizes a voice-assisted manikin for the skills portion. The voice-assisted manikin is available during Simulation Program business hours, 8:00 – 4:00, Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. What this means is that skills testing for Part 2 of the eLearning course is not subject to an instructor’s availability.

The only downfall to the increased availability of the voice-assisted manikin, is that Part 1 must be completed within the same system as Part 2, meaning that key codes for Part 1 must be purchased from the TTUHSC Training Center. Key codes purchased from other entities will not qualify for the voice assisted manikin training and require an in person instructor.

“I need my certification today”

In the event of a lapse of certification or other urgent need, it is recommended that students complete the eLearning course (Part 1 and Part 2) with the TTUHSC Training Center to expedite the certification process. (Note: Part 1 must be purchased from the TTUHSC Training Center).

eLearning Course Duration

We estimate approximately 4 hours for Part 1 completion and 30 minutes for Part 2. Though it is dependent upon several factors, in most cases it is likely that certification could be completed within 24 hours.

Skills Testing For eLearning Part 2 - Instructor Led

If you purchased your key code for Part 1 from another entity or prefer to have an instructor present for your skills testing, we will conduct the skills testing portion of the eLearning course at the following dates and times.

Date Time Location Call to Schedule
July 7, 2017  3:00 PM Lubbock SimLife Center 806.743.2745
 July 25, 2017  3:00 PM  Lubbock SimLife Center 806.743.2745

$35.00 -  Skills Testing (Part 2 - Instructor Led)

We accept checks made out to TTUHSC and we can also take a Visa or MasterCard in person or over the phone