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Immigrant Visas

IES handles all the immigration paperwork in-house on behalf of TTUHSC and TTUHSC-El Paso.  A Sponsoring Department or Foreign National may not hire outside counsel for preparation of any forms or applications on behalf of TTUHSC and TTUHSC-El Paso.

IES is responsible for the filing of all TTUHSC and TTUHSC-El Paso’s sponsored permanent residence applications. HSC’s Permanent Residency OP can be found at 70.09 (Employment-based Nonimmigrant and Permanent Residency Petitions). Upon request from a department, IES will file any of the following types of permanent residence applications:

PERM – Permanent Labor Certifications & I-140 (Regular EB-2 and EB-3 filings; Special Handling Permanent Teaching positions & Registered Nurses & Physical Therapists)

The following is a list of Immmigrant Visas (follow the links for information):