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The Profession

Mental health counselors provide and coordinate services for people with a range of behavioral health issues. They provide treatment and support to help the client recover from behavioral disorders or modify problem behaviors. These professionals work with clients individually and in group sessions. They teach clients how to cope with stress and life’s problems in ways that help them recover. Furthermore, they help clients rebuild professional relationships and, if necessary, reestablish their career. Many mental health counselors work in facilities that involve inter-professional relationships with other healthcare providers. They also help clients improve their personal relationships and find ways to discuss their addiction or other problems with family and friends. This is done through a range of activities, including: appraisal, individual and group counseling, treatment planning, referral and coordination with other service providers and assisting clients to cope effectively with their environment and function as independently as possible.

The field of mental health counseling is growing rapidly. Increased access to health insurance has created a shortage of qualified mental health counselors. There is a large demand for counselors to work in prevention and treatment service delivery systems.