The Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics and Data Analytics (CRHI) is designed for working professionals who would like to expand their knowledge and further their education in health informatics and data analytics without pursuing a full graduate degree in healthcare administration. It is a flexible, 100% online, 12-semester hour program, provided in an accelerated 8-week format.

All courses will transfer into the Master of Science in Healthcare Administration program should you choose to continue on towards the MSHA degree.


Required Courses
HPHA 5306 Healthcare Delivery System
HPHA 5309 Healthcare Research Methods & Statistics
HPHA 5311 Healthcare Finance
HPHA 5330 Health Informatics & Data Analytics

Course Descriptions
HPHA 5306 Healthcare Delivery System This course provides an introduction to healthcare services, offering students an overview of the U.S. healthcare delivery system and the important components of the system. The course will examine the healthcare delivery system broadly and explore contemporary issues affecting the institutions that provide healthcare and are designed to protect the health of the American public. The course will cover the historical development of the U.S. healthcare system, the changing roles of healthcare providers, major health programs, determinants of health, disparities in health, and healthcare finance. The goal of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills to be effective participants in efforts to improve the U.S. healthcare system.

HPHA 5309 Healthcare Research Methods and Statistics This course will provide a broad framework for understanding and applying commonly used research methodologies and data analysis techniques in healthcare management. The course will review quantitative and qualitative research, research design, and methodology.  Basic concepts of interpretation and application of statistics such as types of distributions, concepts of significance testing, and introduction of basic descriptive and inferential statistics are included. The goals are to prepare students to design, analyze, interpret, report, and critically evaluate research.

HPHA 5311 Healthcare Finance This course introduces students to the core concepts of financial management in healthcare, including interpretation of financial reports, financial ratio analysis, cost and profit analysis, planning and budgeting, time value analysis, financing, investments, capital budgeting, and current accounts management. The purpose of this class is to assist the student in developing the necessary analytical ability, attitudes, and decision making skills required of a healthcare manager in a changing environment.

HPHA 5330 Health Informatics & Data Analytics This course will introduce the student to the uses of information technology and data analytics as they apply to healthcare, including the basic structure and function of computers, information retrieval, electronic health records, physician order entry, telemedicine, consumer health informatics, security, privacy, and confidentiality in the electronic environment, HIPAA regulations, ethics, computerized medical imaging, decision support, and the use of data analytics in healthcare. The course will provide the student with the fundamental knowledge necessary to practice within the modern healthcare environment and communicate with information technology (IT) personnel.


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