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Employment Authorization Card Holders

TO: All Employment Authorization Card Holders
FROM: Carol Robertson, Human Resources, Programs Coordinator, (806)-743-2865
SUBJECT: 1-765 Application
DATE: 6/17/2003

As you know, Employment Authorization granted under Sec. 274a.12(c) automatically terminates on the expiration date specified by the BCIS on the employment authorization document. Once you have reached that expiration date, you will NO LONGER be able to work. I strongly suggest that you begin the proceedings to renew your Employment Authorization at least 6 to 7 months before expiration. You can now renew your Employment Authorization on the Internet and there is an office in Lubbock where your picture, fingerprints, etc. can be taken. It is opened from Tuesday to Saturday.

Please check with for details. The address for the Lubbock office is:
Lubbock ASC
Suite A-24
3502 Slide Rd.
Lubbock, TX

Remember, once your Employment Authorization expires, you will no longer be able to work.

Thank you.

Carol Robertson
Programs Coordinator
Human Resources
(806) 743-2865