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What's available?

Numerous course offerings are available through Workforce Education and Development (WED). The following link (course descriptions) contains a list of courses offered at most locations. In addition, numerous online training courses and tutorials are also available. To view current course schedules or online training options, click on the WED website for your location.

Who's eligible?

Training offered by WED is available to all TTHUSC employees.

What's the cost?

Typically there is no charge for any of the courses being offered by WED although a charge may apply for specialty courses. Charges will be indicated if applicable.

What training is required?

Each location/department has its own unique training requirements so be sure check with your supervisor/manager to ensure you are meeting those requirements. In addition, the following training is required for all TTUHSC employees (faculty and staff to include student assistants) in accordance with federal/state regulations and/or TTUHSC Policies:

Due the 1st and 2nd day of employment:

New Employee Orientation (NEO): All hiring managers are highly encouraged to ensure the start date for new hires corresponds with NEO so that employees can attend NEO on their first and second day of employment. Training requirements listed below that are identified with an asterisk (*) are typically covered as part of NEO. NEO is offered the first and third Monday/Tuesday of each month (adjusted for holidays). To view current NEO schedules, click on the WED website for your location.

Due within the first 10 days of employment:

Applicable New Employee Safety Training Courses (offered by Safety Services)

Due within the first 5 days after completing New Employee Safety Orientation Program (NESOP) Level 1:

NESOP Level 2 (offered by Safety Services):

Due within the first 30 days of employment:
  1. EEO/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Initial) - OP 51.01 & 51.02. If not completed as part of NEO, this course can be completed online at
  2. HIPAA Privacy Training- OP 10.17
  3. Compliance/Ethics - 10.07 & 10.08
Due annually:

Applicable Safety Training Courses (offered by Safety Services)

Due every 2-years:

EEO/Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (Supplemental) - OP 51.01 & 51.02: Supplemental (refresher) training is required every 2 years. Classes offered annually from October - December. Online version can be completed at anytime. To view current EEO class schedules, click on the WED website for your location.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This list will be updated periodically. Please check with your department for additional training requirements.

What are my responsibilities as a supervisor/manager?

Item 8a - HSC OP 70.47 - Employee Training and Development:
Employee development is a responsibility of every supervisor and manager. Supervisors and managers are responsible for:

  1. providing employee's on-the-job training in the proper performance of tasks;
  2. providing a climate in which training and development of employees is encouraged;
  3. integrating an employee's growth and development needs with the goals and objectives of the institution;
  4. identifying opportunities for employee improvement and to benefit the institution; and
  5. releasing the employee for the full length of the program, encouraging the employee's complete participation in the learning experience and involving the employee with back-on-the-job application of knowledge, behaviors and skills.

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of each supervisor and manager to ensure that employees comply with all institutional training requirements.

What are my responsibilities as an employee?

Item 8b - HSC OP 70.47 - Employee Training and Development:
Each employee is responsible for:

  1. Assisting in identifying opportunities for knowledge, behavior and skill development to improve on-the-job performance;
  2. Attending the full-length of the development program, and participating in all learning activities; and
  3. Applying gained knowledge, behavior and skills to their current job.

In addition, it is the responsibility of each employee to ensure that departmental approval has been granted prior to registering for a course.

What if the training I need isn't listed?

Contact your local WED representative and they will help you locate a resource to meet your needs.

Who do I contact?

Contact your campus WED representative:

  1. Abilene
  2. Amarillo
  3. CMHC
  4. Lubbock
  5. Permian Basin