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History of TSD

In 2001, the TTUHSC PeopleFirst committee, comprised of a cross functional team of TTUHSC employees from Lubbock, Health Care Systems and the three regional centers in Amarillo, El Paso, and Permian Basin, began looking at ways to improve organizational services, policies and procedures. Throughout the process, the need for enhanced staff education and training was a recurring theme.

As a result of their findings, the PeopleFirst committee adopted a vision in which TTUHSC would create a learning environment where training is valued and knowledge is seen as key to employee productivity. This recommendation was presented to senior leadership and a decision was made to establish a Training and Staff Development office (TSD) that would exist to meet the unique training and development needs of employees at all levels and locations throughout TTUHSC.

TTUHSC Training and Staff Development officially became operational on September 1, 2003.